Customer Services


We build relationships.

This is where Vision Recruit scores goals. Due to the amount of referrals we receive we will introduce candidates that other agencies or Job Boards do not have.

We are constantly building top relationships and improving our networks, this is why we receive so many referrals from people in the tech industry.

quality candidates

Quality over Quantity

We have a focus on Quality over Quantity. We will listen to your requirements, understand your business and provide you with what you need.

You will not receive hundreds of irrelevant CV’s, you will receive fewer profiles, but of a much higher quality.  Want to test our quality? Request a log In  here to our window shop where you can see some of the AAA candidates we are working with.


Fast Moving Market

The never ending struggle to attract top talent is something that Vision Recruit understands very well and can help with.

The competition for top talent out there is fiercer than ever, therefore it is our mission to make sure the way we work is modern, time efficient and targeted. Our approach, attitude and work ethic is appreciated by all of our current customers and the top additions to their teams is something we can be proud of.

Search and Recruitment

We have 3 options for partners to choose from, contingent, subscription and growth. All of which are tailored to suit businesses at any stage of their journey and also will provide cost effective and efficient recruitment solutions. The options are tailored to accommodate project based recruitment, one off executive search hires or needing a few extra people for the team. Our search team hold over 70 years worth of experience, networks and relationships between us and provide a consultative approach rather than just a CV supplier.

We have been mapping our markets ever since the business started and the we know exactly where to find those niche pockets of talent. If you want a recruitment and search company that will save you time and money, get in touch.

HR Software

Vision Recruit customers also have access to our super user friendly, easy to use system to manage their flow of candidates from agencies. Even if you partner with Vision Recruit for certain options above and have other trusted partners, we are still happy to provide a software to accommodate everyone and make sure your recruitment efforts are as streamlined as possible. Our system is all about efficiency and productivity so that your agency partner communication and applications is all in one place so your inbox, phone and LinkedIn stays clear.


TeamWork = DreamWork

We work with our customers. We are not just headhunters. We work together in how to attract the very best talent. From advice with writing that initial Job Spec through to closing a top candidate… we will assist you every step of the way, together.


One Size Fits All

Wrong! Vision Recruit has a range of customers. We work with cool, fast paced Start-Ups all the way to large, corporate multinational organisations. Every company promotes different cultures and we will make sure we take the working environment of the company into our recruitment plan.


B2B? B2C? P2P?

Our USP is our employees. Friendly but hardworking… Whether we are communicating on Social Media, the Telephone or Face to Face, we see all interactions as person to person. In fact most of our customers are now our friends and most meetings are over a couple of beers/coffee.